ASK KSA professional development courses are unique as they are…


ASK KSA PD courses address technical aspects of standards to assist practitioners in understanding what is required and how to implement them leading to more effective engagements.


ASK KSA PD courses focus on how to apply requirements in practice. Sessions include guidance on practical application along with tips on implementation leading to more efficient engagements.


ASK KSA PD courses are led by an instructor with experience allowing her to incorporate stories and real-life examples. Kirsten enjoys what she does and this comes through in her presentations.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Complete the course on your own schedule and at your own pace. The course starts when you want it to and you finish when you want to. You can go back to the material as you need to as you have access for a full year from the date of registration.

Quality & Documentation Tips

Our comprehensive courses cover not only the the technical aspects of the standards but also explain what to look out for, provide tips on documentation and how to apply what you learn to other aspects of the file.


Verifiable CPD 

ASK KSA sessions follows the guidance provided by the International Education Standard (IES) 7. All courses qualify for verifiable CPD for every provincial body. At the conclusion of a session, you receive a certificate of completion for your records.


You always are provided specific course materials including course slides, key takeaway and goal sheet and other practical application tools. Links to other available resources and publications are also provided to save you the time of having to find them for yourself.


Through her many years of experience in public practice and providing support to SMPs, Kirsten is able to provide anecdotes, stories and real-life examples in an engaging and informative way.

Practical, Not Just Theory 

At ASK KSA, we do more than just review the procedural requirements of the standards. We provide practical guidance on implementation to help you save time and achieve peace of mind.


Overview of the New Canadian Quality Management Standards

Appreciate the key requirements of the new Canadian Quality Standards and their impact on your practice (.5 CPD).


Effective and Efficient Audits: Audit Hot Topics

Strengthen audit engagements by understanding current CAS hot topics, challenges faced in meeting requirements and how to address them efficiently (2.0 CPD).


Effective and Efficient Engagements: Review Hot Topics

Strengthen review engagements by understanding current CSRE hot topics, challenges faced in meeting requirements and how to address them efficiently (1.0 CPD).


Path to Implementation: CSRS 4200

Implement the new compilation standard in an effective and efficient manner by establishing an approach, making business decisions and developing an action plan (1.5 CPD).


Effective and Efficient Audits: Analytical Procedures

Appreciate the requirements of analytical procedures and how to incorporate preliminary, substantive and final analytics into audit engagements in an efficient manner (1.5 CPD).


Effective and Efficient Audits: Journal Entry Testing

Identify and implement the requirements of understanding, selecting and testing journal entries (1.5 CPD).


Putting Ethics into Practice

Understand concepts of ethics, ethical decision-making process and identify biases to strengthen your practice (1.0 CPD).


Professional Skepticism and Critical Thinking

Develop critical thinking skills to maintain an attitude of professional skepticism in engagements (1.0 CPD).


Strengthening Communications with Clients

It is not always what you say but how you say it. Develop strong communication techniques to hold valuable client discussions (1.0 CPD).


What’s New? 2021 Assurance and Accounting Update

Keep up-to-date on current and upcoming assurance and accounting standards changes to appreciate the impact on your firm and your clients (2.0 CPD).


Practice Management: Efficient File Review

Develop an effective and efficient approach to conducting file and working paper reviews on audit and other engagements (1.0 CPD).


Addressing Fraud Risk in Assurance Engagements

Appreciate responsibilities related to fraud risk in order to respond and determine impact on engagement report (1.0 CDP).


Agreed Upon Procedures: CSRS 4400

Understand requirements of agreed-upon procedures engagements in order to develop procedures and report findings and exceptions (1.0 CPD).


The Power of Efficiency

Finding hidden moments in the day helps practitioners tackle the many competing priorities in practice (1.0 CPD).