Professional Development

ASK KSA professional development courses are unique in their nature as they are hands-on and interactive. The full slate of courses cover both technical topics and the soft skills that are required to run a successful practice. We offer live interactive on-line workshops, recorded webinars and customized in-house training courses. Every session provides real-word examples along with tools, templates and tips to help practitioners understand and apply the standards in a practical and efficient manner.

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Path to Implementation – CSRS 4200

The new standard CSRS 4200 Compilation Engagements has been issued and is expected to have a significant impact on your practice. Learn how to implement the new standard in an effective and efficient manner through recognizing where business decisions are required, determining the approach to meeting requirements and developing an action plan between now and the effective date.

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Putting Ethics into Practice

While there are many ethics courses available, this workshop is distinctive in its focus on practitioners in public practice and the unique issues they face. The workshop starts with the underlying concepts of ethics and ethical decision-making moving into understanding the Code of Professional Conduct and independence matters. The workshop also addresses fraud risk including incorporating professional skepticism into engagements, identifying fraud indicators and developing a response when encountered.

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Effective and Efficient Engagements

Based on our experience, we feel the most successful approach to learning is to focus on the standards. Our courses have been developed with a “top to bottom approach” review of CAS and/or CSRE. Understanding the requirements sets the foundation for completing the tools and checklists that demonstrate the standards have been met. The objective is help practitioners perform an engagement that meets the standards effectively using an efficient approach to save time.

Analytical Review – The 5-Step Approach

Performing a substantive analytical review procedure is not the same as variance analysis however they are often thought of as the same resulting in insufficient work and inappropriate conclusions. When performing assurance engagements it is critical to apply the right procedure to arrive at the appropriate conclusion. This course will help you do just that by reviewing the requirements of analytical procedures along with how to set expectations and document the results to save time.

Any course offered can be tailored to meet specific in-house training needs to help save time and achieve peace of mind.