Our Services

ASK KSA offers practical solutions to help ensure SMPs conduct engagements in an effective and efficient manner and meet the requirements of being in public practice.

ASK KSA provides customized consulting and advisory services tailored to your firm. We spend time listening and understanding challenges to get to know your firm, along with your goals and objectives. Our established and proven methodology is customized to specific circumstances. We deliver practical and informative verifiable CPD courses to help firms meet their CPD requirements.

We know the challenges of being in public practice, it is hard to keep up to date and that is where we come in. We provide practical guidance comes from someone who has “been there, done that”. Working with ASK KSA is like adding an experienced business advisor to your team. Learn more about services we have to offer.

Meeting quality standards is critical in public practice. No one wants to issue an incorrect report. Firms must comply with Canadian Quality Management Standards which address with a firm’s responsibilities related to quality in assurance and other engagements. The requirements of the Quality Management standards are to establish and maintain a system of quality management to ensures the reports issued by the firm are appropriate in the circumstances. The system of quality management addresses eight required components.
We help to ensure that your firm is onside with these standards, help reduce your risk and implement quality processes that are practical and effective.
Specific services include: 
• Assisting in the design, implementation and operation of a system of quality management
• Reviewing quality management systems and best practice recommendations 
• Performing cyclical file inspections (peer review)
• Monitoring activities and support in remediation processes
• Reviewing and updating Quality Manuals
• Completing compliance assessments and gap analysis
Cyclical file inspections are required but they take time. And the challenge is what do you look for to make the exercise valuable. We perform cyclical file inspections to help firms meet the quality requirements. In doing so, we do point out deficiencies and provide practical solutions on how to address them. However, we also focus on opportunities for file efficiencies. If we identify an area where we believe you can save time but revising documentation, we always point this out. We also can prepare tailored in-house verifiable CPD training courses for your CPAs so you can be more efficient in the future.
At any stage of the work – planning, execution and completion – we help ensure firms are performing effective and efficient engagements, saving time and increasing margins.
Specific services include:
• Inspecting files to identify deficiencies in meeting standards
• Identifying opportunities for efficiencies
• Reviewing approach and making recommendations on planning
• Providing feedback on engagements 
• Developing tools and templates for improved job performance
• Evaluating specific audit procedures and making recommendations
• Review of completion documentation for improved efficiencies
We know what it is like to go through a practice inspection. These inspections are necessary in our profession but aren’t always fun and can take up more time and energy than required. We can assist you in every aspect of the practice inspection process. From providing pre-inspection consultation, developing your response and assisting in developing and implementing a corrective action plan, we provide the support required. Action planning may also include delivering verifiable CPD courses for your CPAs and we can tailor any course to your specific needs. 

We assist you throughout the process to make it as painless as possible so you can focus on what is important to you, your clients. 
Specific services include:
• Navigating through the process
• Completing file inspections 
• Assisting in preparing response to practice inspection findings
• Drafting a corrective action plan
• Developing appropriate follow up or remedial actions in instances of non-compliance
• Supporting the implementation of corrective actions 
• Monitoring of timeframe of recommendations
There are times where a firm may require an Engagement Quality Reviewer (EQR) due to the nature of their clients. Or, an engagement team may come across a complex issue they have never faced before. We are there to support you as needed. We can perform EQR reviews, consult on an isolated matter or review financial statements. As a result of our experience, we have encountered many issues and typically have a recommended solution or approach. An independent advisor who has “been there, done that” can be a valuable resource.
We have the experience to understand what is required to move to the next step in turn, providing quicker resolution of issues. We provide peace of mind.
Specific services include:
• Performing engagement quality reviews on specified engagements
• Reviewing financial statements 
• Consulting on difficult or contentious matters
• Assisting in research and documentation of issues
• Providing recommendations on resolution and next steps 

We know how challenging it can be for CPAs in public practice to find practical verifiable CPD courses. ASK KSA PD courses are unique as they are informative, practical and engaging. Based on over 30 years experience, we provide courses that include practical application, illustrative guidance and real-life examples. ASK KSA courses are different.

If you are going to invest time in CPD, you might as well make it worth your while. With today’s ever-changing standards, it can be challenging for SMPs keep up. We provide professional development (PD) courses to SMPs through in-house classes, virtual live sessions and online on demand offerings. PD courses qualify for verifiable continuing professional development (CPD) hours that are required in the CPA profession. All of our CPD courses qualify for verifiable training hours. 
Specific services include: 
• Developing and delivering in-house training courses incorporating your firm’s tools and templates
• Training on new assurance and other standards including file implementation 
• Training on efficient documentation to meet assurance and other standards
• Training on specific audit procedures 
• Training on other practice management skills such as file review or critical thinking