Where does the time go? It has been a busy month for all. It is PD season so many are trying to get in their verifiable PD hours before the end of the year. Questions are also coming at me fast and furious on many topics as practitioners are getting organized for the end of the year. This month a few tips on being productive, developing staff and planning for the right engagements, and of course how to obtain CPD hours that will help you in practice. Read on…

What is the Right Related Services Report to Issue?

As practitioners, we often get asked to issue a report by a stakeholder, our client, government, funders and others. Often the request is made without knowledge of the standards on what we can and can’t issue. Examples that quickly come to mind are reporting on trust accounts for lawyers, confirming a business is in “good financial standing” for the Labour Market Impact Assessment and verifying school enrollment for School Boards.

We have to report in accordance with our standards, and sometimes figuring out the right report to issue can be confusing. A 4460 supplementary report? A 4400 agreed-upon procedures report? A compliance report? An attestation or direct report under 3530 or 3531? There are others.

There is an excellent publication from CPA Canada that outlines key steps in determining what report is needed. Check it out so you don’t end up offside.


Revised CAS 600: Are You Sure You Don't Have a Group Audit?

Do you audit consolidated statements? Do you audit business units and bring combine them? The reality is you may have a group audit without even really knowing it. Revised CAS 600 is effective for periods beginning on or after December 15, 2023 (that is December 2024 year ends) so you have time. But to be efficient, this is the time to start thinking about it.

CPA Canada issued a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document for auditors which addresses key questions that arise when an auditor is considering whether CAS 600 Special considerations must be applied in a particular audit.


CAS 315 and the Auditor's Responsibility for GITCs

Wha-at?? I am an auditor, not an IT expert, do I really have to think about GITCs? A question I am hearing often these days. Yes, you do have to think about it. CAS 315, Identifying and Assessing the RMM, includes requirements related to the auditor’s understanding of the IT environment and the identification of GITCs. CPA Canada has recently issued an excellent publication on this topic. The publication addresses common questions from auditors about GITCs in the audit of financial statements and the auditor’s responsibilities related to GITCs throughout the audit.

The FAQs addressed in this publication will help auditors understand the:

  • Risks arising from the use of IT
  • Difference between GITCs and information processing controls
  • Evaluation of design and implementation of GITCs
  • Testing of operating effectiveness of GITCs
  • Impact of inappropriately designed or implemented GITCs or GITCs that are not operating effectively.



Interruption Cost: How Desk Bombing Affects Productivity

“Whether they want to ask about their mission-critical task or catch up on last night’s TV cliffhanger, a work colleague who “desk bombs” could have a negative effect on office productivity.” The phrase “desk bombing” meaning the act of dropping by a colleague’s desk, emerged as a buzzword late in 2022.

This is a very fascinating article on how this act affects productivity… something we should think about as we head into the new year. It provides excellent tips on how to react in a friendly and respectful, but firm way. It also has a short quiz to consider if you are a desk bomber. Worth the read.


The Power of Listening in Helping People Change

Feedback is about telling employees that they need to change. Listening to employees and asking them questions might make them actually want to change. Feedback is one of the most common ways we help our staff learn and develop. But it can backfire when people become defensive. This article outlined how asking questions and listening can help feedback be more effective. And, it offers excellent tips on listening skills.


30 Days to Go to the End of the Year, Do You Have Your CPD Hours?

December is always a good time to check to make sure you have all your required CPD hours for the year. If you need a few more, I have your answer!!

Did you know that I offer online on-demand CPD courses? ASK KSA PD has a full library of course offerings that cover technical, practice management and ethical topics. A sampling of some of our courses…


  • Audit Hot Topics
  • Identifying and Assessing Risk (CAS 315)
  • Effective Journal Entry Testing
  • Performing Substantive Analytical Review Procedures
  • Review Hot Topics
  • Compilation Hot Topics
  • Practice Management


Efficient File Reviews

  • Researching and Resolving Issues
  • The Power of Efficiency
  • Strengthening Communications with Clients
  • Ethics


Professional Skepticism

  • Addressing Fraud Risk
  • Putting Ethics into Practice


ASK KSA PD courses cover technical aspects of standards but more than that, they include guidance, real-life examples and documentation tips to incorporate into engagements. Specific course material and additional resources are provided to help now, and into the future. These verifiable CPD courses are practical, and not just theory.


As we head into the holiday season (today is technically December 1 after all), I want to wish you and your family happiness and joy. Remember to take extra time to spend time with loved ones… they are what is important. Work will be there when you get back. I also want to recognize that the holidays, while special, can also be hard for many for a variety of reasons. If that is you, I wish you peace.


Best regards,

Kirsten S. Albo, FCPA, FCA