What a lovely month it has been. The weather has been amazing and there has been time to catch up on a few things. It is shockingly quiet on the standards front. There are a few exposure drafts out there but their implementation timeline is still quite some time away. So, for this month, a few overall topics to help you plan over the next few months. Read on…

CPA Canada Summary Assurance Resource Guide

I know it is challenging to keep up to date with ever-changing standards. That is why I do what I do. I read what is out there and draw your attention to tools I think are useful. Here is a good one for you…

CPA Canada has created a handy summary of audit and assurance resources, including alerts, briefings, implementation tools, guides and webinars. This non-authoritative guidance covers topics including auditing and assurance standards and audit data analytics. Very helpful and will save you time.


CPA Canada Tech Resources

Technology is impacting practitioners in almost everything they do, it is becoming a way of life. CPA Canada has a number of tech resources covering artificial intelligence, blockchain and crypto-assets, data analytics and more. These resources will help you stay ahead of the digital curve. Their free, practical resources will help you build the important skills of the digital age so that you can adapt and thrive in this new reality.


Why To-Do Lists are Counter-Productive

I am the queen of “to-do” lists. I love them, and, I love crossing things off after I have completed a task. In fact, sometimes I add a task after it has been done, just so I can cross it off (admit it, you do it too). However, this article has made me pause as to-do lists may be counterproductive.

The author states one of the biggest problems with to-do lists is that each task is given equal weight even when time and focus to complete may be radically different. Plus, most of us choose the easiest item to complete first. The author outlines alternative strategies to getting things done… including the “hunter” strategy. Something to think about… I’ll put that on my to-do list. 🤣🤣


2023 CSQM 1 Implementation Workshops - Are you Ready?

For firms that provide compilation engagements only, the effective date for the design and implementation of your system of quality management standards is December 15, 2023. The deadline for firms that perform assurance engagements was December 15, 2022.

It is estimated the time to implement can be upwards of 100 hours.
I have a solution for you… no matter where you are in the process.

As done throughout 2022, I will be holding CSQM 1 Implementation Workshops to help you design and implement your system of quality management in ONE DAY. A complete “done with you” approach to get your firm 100% ready for CSQM 1 standard changes.

Workshop dates have been set with the first one being June 22.

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June is still a somewhat busy month for many practitioners as the June 30 deadlines loom. It will be busy for me. I am recording a number of new online on demand ASK KSA PD courses. New courses will include CSRS 4200 Hot Topics, Auditing Estimates, Applying CAS 315 and Researching and Resolving Issues. All will be available this fall. Stay tuned.

While we are busy, let’s make sure to take some time to stop and smell the flowers. Taking a break helps us be energized when we have to get back to it. And remember, I am always here to help as needed. Reach out any time.

Best regards,

Kirsten S. Albo, FCPA, FCA