2.11 SQMT and Pre-workshop Activities Summary

There were many items covered in this section to start you along you path to designing and implementing your system of quality management. Taking the time to understand the various features of the SQMT will assist in focussing on content at the in-person workshop.

That provides you a solid overview of the SQMT which provides evidence of meeting the requirements of CSQM 1 in an efficient and effective way.


It is critical the SQMT is installed and you have access to the SQMT during the in-person workshop.

In the in-person workshop, we will:

  • Finalize risk identification and complete risk assessment
  • Establish quality objectives
  • Design risk responses (policies and procedures)
  • Discuss monitoring and remediation process
  • Review system evaluation requirements

Onto the next Section . . . . time to brainstorm about the nature and circumstances of your Firm to identify potential quality risks.