1.4 CSQM 1 Workshop Overview

This course consists of two main portions:

  • Pre-workshop activities
  • In-person workshop

Pre-workshop activities addresses:

  • CSQM 1 Overview (Section 1)
  • Initial set up of SQM Toolkit Database (Section 2)
  • Preliminary risk identification for your Firm (Section 3)
  • Planning for the in-person workshop (Section 4)

In-person workshop addresses:

  • Establish quality objectives
  • Finalize risk identification and complete risk assessment
  • Design risk responses (policies and procedures)
  • Discuss monitoring and remediation process
  • Review system evaluation requirements

The pre-workshop activities combined with the in-person workshop provide valuable support in implementing your SQM. We have been through this before and share our knowledge, so you don’t spin your wheels and waste unnecessary time. Our practical guidance combined with the SQM Toolkit Database (SQMT) allows you to document, design and implement your SQM in one fluid process.

Onto the next section, setting up your SQMT . . .