2020 Assurance and Accounting Update


Live Online Workshop
In-House Session


December 18: Complete


$200 plus GST

Verifiable CPD

3.5 hours (including pre-course material)

Detailed Description
This informative course will help you keep up to date on approved and upcoming standards. Understanding these changes and what they mean in your practice will help practitioners make the necessary preparations to be ready. Topics covered include:

Canadian Auditing Standards
There are significant changes in auditing standards. The course focuses on imminent and future changes and what practitioners need to know on implementing these changes. As we review the new standards, we discuss tools that can be used to as documentation and “tips” on quality documentation.

Other Assurance and Related Standards
There have been other assurance and related services standards that have been approved. These include the new Compilation Standard, updates to Agreed Upon Procedures and other related services. The course also provides a refresher of other recent changes to other assurance engagement such at attestation agreements.

Canadian Standards on Quality Management
The recent approval of the suite of Quality Management standards by the International Standards Boards will have an impact in Canada. The same suite of standards is expected to be approved in Canada in early 2021. This update course will introduce the concepts of the new quality standards and the impact they will have on your practice.
Learning Objectives
At the end of the session, participants will be able to:
• Appreciate the requirements of recently approved auditing standards including auditing estimates and identifying and assessing the risk of material misstatement
• Evaluate the impact of the new standards on your existing engagements
• Know where to look for resources and other supporting tools
• Comprehend the implications of the quality management exposure draft and how they may impact your practice
• Improve their ability to identify issues in a client engagement and react accordingly to the issues